Keys to Client Compliance

So often when teaching a course, especially an upper level one, I am asked how to motivate clients to do the exercise programs they are given.

When I meet with a client or patient for the first time I share with them how I operate. Doing MBF® programs is a cooperative venture in that my job is to give the best program I am able and their job is to do it. Also, if he or she encounters any problems or questions, a call to me is quite welcome.
If your client is not interested in this type of cooperative approach, then maybe you should refer them to another practitioner (which I have done on occasion).

Next, it is very critical for you, the practitioner, to be a living example, not just a mouthpiece. By this I mean, you must do your program and get updates on it in efforts to building and improving your quality of life. If you do not, why should your client do their program? Like children, others observe our actions more than our words.

Find out how much time your client is willing to commit to doing an exercise regimen at least five days per week. Then, construct the program to fit that time frame. Realize that there are times when a little more work is required by the client to reach the goal s/he may have. Verbalize this to the person, so they are informed.

Finally, in your initial meeting with your client, take time to find what motivates that person. Is it pain, or rather reduction of pain? Is it increased performance and ease of motion? Is it to be able to simply walk again for three miles? Whatever the case, find it and use it as their motivator.

Find what motivates your client or patient and the key to compliance is yours.

Best in health & well-being.
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